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White Samarinda Kratom Powder

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White Samarinda Kratom Powder – Samarinda Kratom is grown in the Samarinda Forest in East Borneo. This is a relatively unknown strain but packs a punch! Much stronger than normal white strains, it provides a major energy boost while helping increase levels of focus. As a very “fast” strain, this is not one to have in the evening time. Most of our customers claim this strain to typically provide stronger white vein effects, stronger than that of a regular white borneo, or white maeng da.


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The White Vein Samarinda is a relatively unknown strain to most, but has become a very quick favorite for most of our customers!  White much stronger than most of our White Vein Kratom, the effects are similar in that it is stimulation, increased focus, and provides mental clarity. This strain is perfect for users needing more energy to achieve their daily tasks, replacing caffeine or energy supplements.

In particular, its energizing effects are more-so immediate than most of its White Vein counterparts; perfect for those who need an immediate super-charge for their busy schedule as professional workers, and also those who need a steady flow of increased focus, attention to detail, and energy in the physical capacity. Not to mention, the prominent motivation, drive, and feelings of euphoria that are essential in providing the ability to think clearly in tough situations.

To review, White Vein Samarinda Kratom, like most White Veins is known to provide such benefits as:

    • Attention to detail and Enhanced Focus
    • Energy boost in the physical capacity
    • Feelings of Euphoria, Motivation and Drive
    • Increased Mental and Cognitive Function
    • Ability to think clearly to arrive at solution

However, these effects seem to be slightly stronger and have a quicker onset than most White Vein Kratom. So dose accordingly:

  1. Increased Energy and Focus. If you are after its coffee-like effects, you should take this strain at 2-5 grams per day. Notice of the results that follow and then work from there. If you think you need more, it would be best to mix a Kratom powder with fruit juice or tea.
  2. Mental and Cognitive Enhancement. To achieve a more relaxing effect and improved problem solving with a non-overpowering increased in energy, taking this with a dosage of 5-8 grams should provide these desired effects.
  3. Pain Relief. As already known, like most White strains such as the White Vein Borneo, White Samarinda does not work best as a painkiller as it focuses mainly as a stimulant. However, if you intend to achieve such, taking it at a higher dosage should still provide the said effect, albeit not the full potential. We highly suggest a Maeng Da strain for this.
  4. Mood Enhancement White Samarinda Kratom Powder is also capable of reducing depression and relieving stress and anxiety. Some have also reported feeling more enthusiastic and motivated to undertake their day-to-day activities after taking this strain around 3-4 grams per dose.

In conclusion, White Vein Kratom strains are based on the color of the veins of the leaves from which the Kratom powder is extracted. The difference in color represents the difference in the composition of these leaves and this differentiates what one strain can achieve from the rest.

Of all the three varieties of Kratom, this The White Vein is the most energizing. The Samarinda strain has lots of alkaloids that will fuel you through strenuous activities, and is one of the strongest and fast acting strains we offer. That explains why this strain has become a replacement to coffee as more people are starting to embrace early morning consumption of White Vein Kratom. This provides them with the cutting edge focus and energy that everyone desires. Unlike coffee and other stimulants, this kratom provides a clean boost of energy that will work perfectly with everyone who doesn’t react well to stimulants.

However, White Samarinda Kratom powder delivers excellent energizing effects at the expense of painkilling properties. This basically means that the strain is not the best option for you if the pain is your primary issue. Red and Green Vein Kratom perform a lot better when it comes to pain relief compared to the white strain.


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