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White Borneo Kratom Capsules

White Borneo Kratom comes from one particular strain of Kratom plant that originated in Borneo; specifically, the strain that features a white vein running down the center of each leaf. This specific strain of Kratom provides a high level of concentration, endurance, and energy to users.

A little easier to understand and more accessible than many other strains of Kratom, White Borneo Kratom functions a lot like coffee, making it an excellent choice for most users. Mitragyna speciosa plants, better known as Kratom, are actually related to coffee plants, and this particular variety offers very similar benefits, such as alertness, wakefulness, and sharpened mental functions for a general boost to focus and functionality.


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The White Vein Borneo comes from Kratom, of course, but more notably from the one with a white vein running down the middle of the plant’s leaves. Users who have benefited from this particular strain testifies of it being able to provide better concentration, endurance, and motivation.

With its energy inducing effects, White Vein Borneo also works perfectly to those feeling depressed and weak. However, like coffee, consumption of this particular strain can lead to jitters (if taken excessively) and inability to sleep.

Some users choose to mix White Vein Borneo with red vein strains to achieve a more balanced effect.


Starting with the positive effects, the White Vein Borneo is perfect for those looking to have more energy in dealing with various adversaries of daily life.

This particular strain works best for people who need an immediate energizing agent, those who face busy schedule daily and those working professionals or individuals whose work requires a steady flow of energy, strength, and concentration.

White Vein Kratom is known to provide such benefits listed below:

    • Increased focus and attention to details
    • Increased energy and physical capacity
    • Increased mental and cognitive function
    • Ability to think clearly to arrive at solution
    • Achieved feeling of euphoria
    • More prominent motivation and drive

The White Vein Borneo is also famous for being the most consistent to provide with such benefits among other Kratom strains. It also works best when taken at 3-6 grams regularly.

There aren’t any known negative effects connected with White Vein Borneo use.  The most limiting feature about the White Vein Borneo is its slightly lower capacity to provide pain relief.

If you are looking for that effect, we suggest you go for the strong ones like the White Maeng Da. If not, the White Vein Borneo should do the trick for you.


As for finding the right dosage, it all depends on your intent. It could also vary from person-to-person as its potency is highly dependent on an individual’s tolerance, weight, and other physical factors.

However, as a general guide you should take note of the following:
1. Increased Energy and Focus. If you are after its coffee-like effects, you should take Kratom at 3-6 grams per day. Notice of the results that follow and then work from there. If you think you need more, it would be best to mix a Kratom powder with fruit juice or tea.
2. Stress and Relaxation. To achieve a more relaxing effect and not the increased energy, taking Kratom with a dosage of 7-9 grams should provide these desired effects.
3. Pain Relief. As already known, the White Vein Borneo does not work best as a painkiller as it focuses mainly as a stimulant. However, if you intend to achieve such, taking it at a higher dosage should still provide the said effect, albeit not the full potential.

If one thing has been fairly established, it is that Kratom had a wide variety of benefits and also a wide range of options to choose from. It still depends on your intention and perception. One thing’s for sure. Kratom is definitely nature’s wonder.


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