Tianaa comes in three varieties: Red, White, and Green. With 15 Capsules in each box, you have plenty of pain relief. TIANAA 600MG CAPSULES – 15CT Capsules per box 600mg
Fast Relief with 1 capsule only
available in Red, White, and Green varieties.


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Tianaa White is a very complex blend of ingredients that resemble white kratom in detail. The energy is a clarity and an enhancement that influences social situations and being uninhibited.

Don’t be fooled by imposters, they just cannot deliver like Tianaa. Using a cheap caffeine solution only gives you the jitters. Tianaa is comprised of a special blend of nootropics that provides alertness and helps with the ability to focus without the crash you may experience with caffeine.

Many use Tianaa white for test taking or to help with a rough day at work when you are exhausted but know you must perform. Use it in the morning to get going or use it in the afternoon to help you finish your day with attention to detail and promoting cognitive enhancement.

There is something special when using Tianaa White that you cannot find anywhere else. We have found that these ingredients, when used in moderation, will give you a feeling of fulfillment, they continue to work toward improving and enhancing our continued daily experiences. This is something we feel is characteristic of nootropics in long term effects. Is truly THE favorite of our Tianaa’s.


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