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Red Bentuangie Kratom Powder

Found in the jungles of Indonesia, lies the Bentuangie Kratom; the latest member of the Kratom family with many benefits. A red-veined strain from the Kratom gene pool, the Bentuangie Kratom goes by multiple other names, including “Superior Bentuangie” or “Tropical Blend” and is very powerful in its benefits. These can include it acting as a mild sedative, a tremendous natural pain method, as well as enhancing the general well-being of the user.


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Our Red Bentuangie is not much different from most of our Red Vein Kratom in most ways, it’s an interesting strain to say the least. While it acts like a red vein kratom in many ways, other ways it doesn’t.

  • Pain Relief/Opiate Withdraw

 Red vein is well known for being a pain reliever and relieving most of the negative side effects from opiate withdraw, Bentuangie kratom is no different. In fact, some people prefer red Bentuangie versus other well known kratom strains for pain relief, many feeling that Bentuangie is more potent. If you’re looking for a stronger pain relief effect, try our Red Maeng Da and try mixing with your red Bentuangie.

  • Mood Enhancer 

Although many white and green kratom strains can elevate your mood, red Bentuangie kratom is great at enhancing your mood. Many customers report that it helps with their stress and depression. Others report that it helps them become more sociable and at ease in larger crowds.

  • Relaxation

Another effect many customers report while using this strain is its ability to relax the body and mind. Most experience in small doses; however everyone is different. Keep in mind, if you take large kratom dosages with this strain, it may not produce the same effects.

  • Stress Relief

This  strain can help ease stress wonderfully. It would not be wise to say that it would be a long-term solution to stress, anxiety, or even depression. With that being said, however, it certainly is known to knock the edge of stress for users. It calms, relaxes, and puts most in a good place.

  • Sleep Aid

If you have trouble sleeping, Red Bentuangie could certainly be the solution. Many prefer Red Bali for sleep, but customers report rotating their kratom powders between Bali and Bentuangie seem to produce similar effects pertaining to sleep aid.

  • Long Duration 
    Another benefit that many kratom users have expressed is how long Bentuangie effects last. For most, the effects last longer than some of the other popular strains. When it comes to Red Vein Kratom effects, there’s a lot that plays a role in how long it last. Everyone is different, we react to things differently, so it’s hard to just say it’s one of the top kratom strains for the length of stimulation.


If you’re new to kratom and you’re wanting to start out with red Bentuangie kratom, start out slow. Take 1-3 grams, give it 30-45 minutes to take effect. Analyze how you feel. If you don’t feel anything, increase it by 1-2 more grams, wait another 30 minutes.

A mid level dose would be 5-7 grams. A high dose, I’d consider anything over 7 grams at once as a high dose.

Taking too much Bentuangie kratom can make you feel nauseous and give you the dreaded “wobbles”.


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