Hemps Gummies – 30ct 25mg Vegan, Sour Citrus. 750mg, no THC

Hemps brand Gummies. 30ct 25mg Vegan, Sour Citrus flavor. 750mg for bottle

Isolate Hemp Oil Extract – No THC – Vegan – Non-GMO

Hemps: Hemps Brand Isolate Hemp oil extract.

“Made with” and not “infused”: Hemps Gummies are made with isolate Hemp oil extract as an ingredient during the process of manufacturing the gummies. Most Hemp oil extract gummies are infused, but regular gummy candy is typically sprayed down with hemp oil extract and placed out to dry. This process prevents the user from getting the full flavor and effect of these gummies.

Hemps Gummies are natural, vegan, THC FREE, sour gummies.

Available in 30ct and 60ct and 10mg and 25mg strengths.

Hemps offers a convenient way to get quality isolate hemp oil extract in an effective and delicious sour gummy.

MSRP $31.99

Another great product by the Colorado CBD Company.


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