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Green Velvet Kratom Capsules

Green Velvet Kratom is a special blend! Made from a secret recipe of Green strains, this will help lift your mood and get your day started on the right foot! Blends can be potent so keep that in mind!

This strain is notorious for being uplifting and energising. Drink your greens is what we like to say here. The green velvet strains are excellent for motivation and getting things done.


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Our own special blend, Green Vein Velvet offers a complete kratom experience, blending pain relief, relaxation, and an energy boost.  A newer strain, the effects come on easy and work its way up to full strength; many say the effects are as “smooth as velvet”.  The effects are long lasting, and embody the perfect mix of green strains.  Recommended for users who’s red vein may make them too sleepy, or their white stain giving a little too much energy.

This Green Velvet mix of Green Kratom is growing in popularity for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it is one of the few veins harvested no sooner than when all plant leaves are perfectly mature. After they are collected, the Green Velvet Kratom leaves are dried and then ground into the powder so that all the herbal qualities remain potent for a longer period of time.


  • Energy Boost: The Green Velvet Kratom is widely used by many as an effective energy-boosting supplement. It provides increased energy to users, that allows them to face different adversities in life with renewed strength. This is most beneficial to people who handle energy-demanding work and even those that generally need some energizing agent, like coffee, to jump-start their day.
  • Stimulating: Along with its energy boosting effects, the Green Velvet Kratom is also famous for being a stimulant. In fact, it is well known to be more potent and effective as a stimulant among the other strains.
  • Pain Relief: The Green Velvet Kratom (as well as most Green Vein) is also proven to be effective for pain relief and and energy boost. Unlike its counterpart, the White Vein, which would provide more energy and less pain relief. Those who suffer from various bodily aches such as muscle and joint pains, headaches or a migraine can most benefit from this particular strain’s highly active pain relieving properties.
  • Increased Mental Function: One of the other many benefits of this Kratom – the Green Vein, in particular, is its ability to provide users with enhanced cognitive and mental function. Those who consume Kratom testify of increased mental alertness and general clearer mindset when taking Kratom.
  • Anti-Depressant: Although this particular benefit has only gained popularity in recent times, users who suffer from depression and stress claim of its ability to relieve one’s suffering by allowing them to feel more relaxed and less agitated.


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