Green Roads 50mg Sleepy Z’s 10ct

All Green Roads products are formulated from 100% Hemp-derived CBD.

Green Roads 50mg Sleppy Z’s 10ct
Assorted Flavors
0.5 MG Melatonin
MSRP $13.99

Catch some much needed Z’s with Green Roads Sleepy Z’s. This pharmacist formulated product is vegan, non-GMO, and pectin-based to provide individuals with a safe night’s sleep. These assorted flavor CBD nighttime gummies are part of the perfect bedtime routine to ensure individuals wake up well-rested and refreshed. These gummies are made from organic hemp and contain zero THC. Combining CBD and melatonin, individuals will love how easy they doze off and remain asleep.

All products from Green Roads are made of Organic Hemp and contain ZERO THC.


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